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Do you recognize this man in the picture?  Chances are you have seen him on TV or in the bookstores. The same principles of personal branding that have enabled Rick Steves to dominate the affordable travel advice industry can help you achieve market leadership in your luxury real estate marketing career.

Rick Steves is a one-man-brand with a staff of 70 people and a thriving travel and media company that grosses around $30M per year—Europe Through the Back Door. Rick is the author of 40 travel guidebooks. His guidebook to Italy is the bestselling guidebook to any foreign destination in the United States.  His phrase books in foreign languages out-sell Berlitz.  His TV show is the most popular travel series in America on public television. Rick is also featured on a weekly hour-long national public radio show and has a weekly newspaper column syndicated by the Chicago Tribune. Additionally, he runs a successful European tour program with more than 300 departures that annually attract around 10,000 people.

What do you think is attributable to Rick Steves’ success?  Here are some of the factors:

  1. AUTHENTICITIY:  Rick “is” his personal brand
  2. PASSION:  This man loves traveling and is passionate about teaching others how to get,  “maximum thrills per minute” (Rick’s own words)
  3. FOCUS:  Rick focuses on and owns “affordable European travel” as his niche in the overall travel industry.  

If you are thinking that this level of personal branding is beyond your reach, think again.  You do not need to achieve top-of-mind status in all of the United States.  You just need to become the first luxury real estate marketing professional that comes to mind in the number of households that comprise your local target market.

You do not need your own TV show or radio show or syndicated newspaper column. You just need to stake your claim to an uncontested market niche that you can dominate with passion.  And, you need to leverage the internet media marketing tools that can catapult you to the top. 

If your competitors are your pet peeves, be like Rick Steves. Get branded! ( Yes, that rhymed on purpose).


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