Have you considered billboard advertising to establish your personal brand in your luxury real estate marketing practice?  In most upper tier markets this just does not work.  But, then there are other markets where billboard advertising can help you achieve top-of-mind status rather quickly. We saw this work quite effectively for our client, the reigning market leader in the most highly trafficked tourist destination in California, Napa Valley.  

With billboard advertising you only have seconds to create a lasting impression. The key is to get your messaging laser sharp so that it resonates with the most pressing needs of your target market. 

While driving at 65 miles per hour on a Southern California freeway we noticed an outstanding billboard for a boutique bank by the name of OneWest Bank.  The message was absolutely brilliant: 

“Jumbo Loans without the Mumbo Jumbo”

In just six clever words OneWest Bank conveyed their entire promise of value for their luxury real estate lending services.  For those of you who have not heard the expression “mumbo jumbo” it means complicated language usually intended to obscure and confuse—gibberish.

The distillation of your extraordinary promise of value into a single marketing message that conveys the essence of your brand, and how you are distinct from your competition, is vitally important in our over-communicated, time pressed world.  Brevity in your messaging is your best weapon in the race for top-of-mind status and market leadership.  That is the thinking behind the Language of Luxury slogan: "Get Fluent. Get Affluent!"


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