Roger Federer has 16 Grand Slam titles, Photo by Mandj 98

Today, marketing luxury real estate involves a much more expanded scope of activities than ever before.  Following through on details is more challenging now, especially with the added arena of social media which can be quite daunting.  Yet, to be a champion and command the competitive edge it is imperative that you devise and execute systems that allow you to consistently follow through on all of the luxury real estate marketing fundamentals.

In sports, such as golf, tennis, and baseball, coaches insist that their athletes follow through with their swing.  From a logical perspective, it seems odd that one should continue the swing long after the ball has hit the sweet spot of the club, the racket or the bat and sails away.  However, it is that follow through on the swing (in empty air) that makes the difference between a great shot and a mediocre one, between a foul ball and a home run. 

Have you ever visited a real estate agent’s blog and found that the last time they published a post was several months prior to your visit?  This is a major clue! Even if some people do not notice this details there probably are other clues that betray this agent’s lack of follow-through and inattention to detail.

It may be unreturned phone calls, or unanswered emails, or lateness to appointments that demonstrate the absence of a championship mindset. If you are neck-and-neck with your competition, while going after the same listing, it is neglecting these details that can cost you the listing.

Follow-through in marketing luxury real estate may require that you delegate as many details as possible to a trusted assistant so that you can be freed up to do what you love the most. If a championship season is on your horizon, cover all of your bases, consistently follow through and you will be triumphant!

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