Seizing control of what you focus your attention upon, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, is mission critical in a challenging economy. Your personal economy is actually the result of where you place and hold your attention.  Those who seek out and consistently focus on the positive opportunities of their marketplace experience an entirely different set of financial results compared to those who “rubberneck”, i.e., continuously fixate on what is going wrong.  

Have you ever heard the story about a group of people who are blindfolded and asked to describe a different part of an elephant that they are touching?  One reports that it is a spear (while touching the tusk). Another describes a hose (obviously touching the trunk that is spraying water).  Each can say that they are touching the same animal but have entirely different experiences, and thus different realities.  None are right or wrong in relationship to the others. They are just reporting their experience from their personal vantage point. 

What is exciting to know about focus is that you actually have the power to choose where you place your attention.  However, if you do not exercise this power the results, by default, will be detrimental to your practice.  Rubbernecking is the sure way to bring your luxury real estate marketing practice to a screeching halt.

Have you ever driven in the furthest left lane of a freeway in bumper-to-bumper traffic and noticed up ahead that there were flashing lights of an ambulances and fire trucks on the opposite side of the freeway in the lane closest to you?  Why did your side of the freeway come to a complete stop when the accident happened on the other side of the freeway?  The people directly in front of you were rubbernecking.  There was no traffic jam on your side.

If market leadership is your quest it is imperative that you practice the art of staying focused your own positive outcomes. Mind "your own elephant" and mind your own business.  If you find yourself rubbernecking, be sure not reprimand yourself because that prolongs the fixation on the negative.  Just do your very best to gently redirect your attention back on track.  After consistent deliberate practice without self condemnation, your attention will shift.  You will stop rubbernecking and start bouncing right back! We commend those of you who have achieved this important feat, those of you who have triumphed over your personal economy.

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