Is it possible to roll back the hands of time? This is one of the most pressing questions on the minds of baby boomers who are entering their highest spending years en masse.  It is the keystone of this generation’s psycho graphics or mindset. When marketing luxury real estate you can actually accelerate the sales process by speaking to this perennial need.  This is done by expressing the features and benefits of the local lifestyle of your marketplace as means of rejuvenating the spirit.  

To learn the vernacular of rejuvenation study how the major cosmetic companies compose their marketing messages. It seems that each of them is trying to outdo their competition by coming out with face serums, moisture creams and other ablutions that can smooth away wrinkles and erase the ravages of time. Take heed! With billions of dollars at stake, pitching these costly lotions and potions is luxury marketing at its best.

We have covered several top cosmetic companies each of whom is trying to best their competition. One company is focusing on this endeavor more so than others. After exclaiming that the answer to the fountain of youth lies in orchids the key ingredient in their age-reversal creams, Guerlain, has yet another breakthrough. Their latest anti-aging system is an oil-in-water emulsion called Abeille Royale Youth Serum. Abeille, pronounce “ah bay” means bee in French.

Based on honey, the serum is absorbed quickly, has a velvety-soft texture, helps heal skin and repairs wrinkles. Dr.Fredric Bonte, the Director of Guerlain Research, stated that this new product is made from pure Ouessant honey and royal jelly which is produced by the Black Bee. This insect is found on an island off the coast of French Brittany, a pollution and parasite free environment which ensures the highest quality.

In your luxury real estate marketing practice, learn the language that speaks to your target market.  That is the language of luxury.