Photo Courtesy of Aston Martin

If market leadership is your quest, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is essential that you look beyond your immediate marketplace and explore innovative ideas in the realm of luxury goods and services.  That is one of the key precepts behind the Language of Luxury. Learning about what is cool in the world of luxury is a must.  It can sharpen your own focus when crafting your personal brand and also help you to attract more high net worth clients. 

By far one of the world’s coolest brands is Aston Martin.  You may have first encountered an Aston Martin as the tricked-out sports car driven by James Bond in Goldfinger.  Recent models have appeared in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.  So far these fine automobiles have been featured in 10 Bond films. 

In 2011, Aston Martin will go eco-cool with its new city car, the Cygnet, that sets a new benchmark for compact luxury. Cygnet demonstrates Aston Martin's commitment to innovation while conforming to strict new emission and size standards in Europe. The Cygnet simply does not compromise Aston Martin’s rich heritage of style, artistry, performance and personality. 

At just three meters long, the Cygnet gives the driver a new dimension of freedom, able to slip into gaps in traffic, exploit the smallest parking spaces, consume the least fuel and emit the lowest emissions, all while delivering exceptional levels of quality and comfort.  According to Marek Reichman, Aston Martin's Director of Design, “With an almost unlimited palette of materials, colors and textures, each hand-finished Cygnet will be truly unique, a personalized space within the city”. He says, “Luxury is not constrained by scale.”

Adopting to change is crucial in your luxury real estate marketing practice.  But, change does not have to mean sacrificing quality of service.

Photo Courtesy of Aston Martin


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