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While Google and Apple duke it out in the smart phone market space, one luxury smart phone brand, Ventu,  stands apart by adding an extraordinary promise of value for the discerning consumer.  Vertu provides an excellent example of how to differentiate you as a luxury real estate marketing professional.

Google’s Android smart phone platform is surging ahead and gobbling up market share from most major contenders except Apple.   One in five smart phones now run Android. But, with most of the Apple’s competitors using same Android platform how can one be remarkably distinct from the next?  How can these competitors hope to compete with each other?  Watch for price wars.  That will surely be the result of this glaring example of commoditization.

Enter Vertu!  Vertu recently launched their first smart phone in Hong Kong—the Constellation Quest—which is available in 18 carat yellow gold and surgical grade stainless steel. It is truly functional art.

Each Vertu smart phone is manufactured by a single craftsperson.  When you purchase the phone its settings are personally configured for you by Vertu’s trained assistants, based on your individual preferences.  After the purchase, you can avail yourself of their 24/7 personal assistance program called Vertu Remote Assist.  You r phone is accessed remotely, with permission, on an as-needed basis by Vertu’s technical support team who also offers you concierge service.

How can you apply Ventu’s strategy in your luxury real estate marketing practice?


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