Female Eider Duck and her Chicks

To become an expert luxury real estate marketing professional it is very important to know your luxury buyer’s mindset.  Not all luxury buyers are conspicuous consumers or jet setters. In the quest for the best, sustainable living and caring for the environment have increasingly becoming mainstream priority values.

Identifying your buyers’ priority values and amplifying them in your selection and presentation of properties allows you to connect with your clients on a very deep emotional level, the level where most buying decisions are made. Taking these factors into account can accelerate the pace at which you build a trusting relationship. It lets your clients know that you care about what is important to them.  

Sustainable living is all about aiming for a lifestyle that can be sustained without exhausting natural resources. It is a new standard of luxury and it is reflected in consumers’ choices of goods and services. It applies to individuals as well as communities.

Do You Know What the Best Duvets in the World Are Make Of?

Vega Archipelago in Norway is a beacon of sustainable living due to a partnership between human being and nature. According to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, these islands are representative of “the way generations of fisherman and farmers have, over the last 1500 years, maintained a sustainable living in an inhospitable seascape near the Arctic Circle, based on the now unique practice of eider down harvesting.”

Each year, during the nesting season, the inhabitants of the main island, Vega, move to the smaller islands to build eider houses for the eider ducks.  They use old boats, driftwood and bricks to build a safe environment for the birds’ nests.  Eiders are the source of eiderdown, feathers that the female plucks from her chest to line the nest and insulate her eggs.  The humans protect the eggs and the hatchlings from their natural predators. 

Once the ducklings are hatched and sea worthy, the nest is left to use for eider down duvets.  It takes approximately 70 nests to make one duvet.  These duvets last for over 100 years, and are literally “light as a feather”. They are simply the best duvets in the world.

If you want to impress an environmentally conscious client, especially in a mountain resort location, give them an eiderdown duvet for a closing gift.  They will remember you every time they turn down the bed. 


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