Boutique luxury real estate marketing firms and high powered teams can have a distinct competitive advantage over the larger firms if they position themselves to appeal to the right target market, those who appreciates what a smaller firm or team can offer. Consider the difference between two brands of premium chocolate: Godiva and NōKA.

Godiva, founded in Belgium in 1926, was purchased by Campbells Soup Corporation in 1967 and recently sold to a Turkish firm.  Godiva owns and operates more than 450 retail shops in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia and is available via over 10,000 specialty retailers. NōKA can be purchased online and through luxury department stores including Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue.

To differentiate itself and stand out in contrast to Godiva and other major well known premium chocolate brands NōKA focuses on single estate chocolates in much the same way as a winery will offer a vintage from grapes picked from a single estate.  The nuances in the taste in the single estate chocolate are derived from distinct soil and climate conditions.

NōKA offers their Sky Collection™,  that comes in ten brushed stainless-steel keepsake gift boxes designed as a tribute to  Howard Roark, the iconic figure in legendary author's, Ayn Rand's, classic novel The Fountainhead. Towering 1.5 feet high, the SKY Collection is comprised of 242 pieces of the finest single-estate dark chocolates and truffles, revealing the true "essence of each origin". Tasting guidelines and flavor profiles are included in each box.  NōKA suggests that the  Grand Cru Truffles are best enjoyed within 7 days of receipt and Vintages within 30 days of receipt.  The price is $495.00

Price, distinctive packaging, single estate chocolate  and smaller scale upscale distribution are the “quality cues”that differentiate NōKA from Godiva.  How can you distinguish yourself, as a boutique firm or a high powered luxury real estate marketing team from the big players?


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