First mover status can give you a competitive advantage, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, if you tap into an innovative way of doing business that no one in your marketplace has tried, yet.  Getting to market first can set you apart and create distance between you and your competition. It can give you a head start and an “unfair” competitive advantage.

While being the first mover can trigger a frenzy of copy-cats playing catch up with you, it gives you the advantage of creating a news story.  If you know how to leverage social media and public relations to propel you, you can literally leave your competition in the dust—at least for a while. Once you are news, your “me-too” competitors are rendered old news.  

Microsoft has just released their new operating platform for smart phones to compete with Google & Apple after an abortion of a product launch with the Kin phone.  They were also a “me too” with their Zune MP3 player.  Playing catch up puts your competition at a tremendous disadvantage.

In the category of luxury jewelry, one company has outdistanced the competition by applying innovative technology ahead of its competition.  Boucheron encourages jewelry and watch enthusiasts to discover what they call a “pioneer digital experience”! “Trying on” exquisite rings and iconic watches is now possible under any circumstances and in the intimacy of your own home or office, or anywhere else for that matter at

Using your computer, a webcam and a piece of paper and some downloaded software your screen will become a “magic mirror”, reflecting your image. When you select the product you desire it will appear on your wrist or finger with just one click.

Will everyone jewelry company use this technology in the future? Possibly they will.  But, Boucheron has established their brand as the leader in innovation and continues to drive this point home to their target market over and over again.  See our December 2008 post on Boucheron entitled, “Thinking Outside of the Jewelry Box”.


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