Photo by Olexiy Lazarevych, Ferrari 599XX, Geneva 2010

Why do some luxury real estate marketing professionals fare well in all economic conditions?  The keys lie in two important words embodied by Ferrari, one of the most prestigious luxury brands on the planet: Authenticity & Certainty!

Agents who are certain about their core strengths, their internal capabilities and have a well-grounded value set do not get confused by changes in the economy.  They do not question their competence.  Therefore, they are able to clearly assess new opportunities, especially opportunities that are impervious to the economy.  For example, relocating highly paid athletes can be a perennial source of new business.

Now is the best time to catch current market leaders off-guard, especially those who are deviating from their essential winning formulas and therefore, are sacrificing their authenticity in the process. If you are challenging the incumbent market leader you need to tap into your power, draw on your unique talents as well as your previous track record. You must offer an extraordinary promise of value that heretofore does not exist in your marketplace.  

Most importantly, you must be authentic—the “real deal”- and consistently deliver on your clients’ expectations.  Clients who are able to purchase, although they are more reluctant to spend in uncertain times, want to trust the brands they purchase from.  That is where authenticity in personal branding becomes paramount.

This year, the luxury brands that have prospered the most have been those that have stayed true to their core values. A prime example is Ferrari who maintains its limited production in order to stay focused on craftsmanship and consistently delivers on customer expectations.

Like Ferrari, authenticity will keep you sure-footed, set you apart from your competition, and provide traction on the road to success.  Maintaining your core value set will give you certainty and maneuverability regardless of road conditions.


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