Luxury real estate agents have been hearing, for a couple years, that they need to blog.  They have been promised that Google will magically send traffic to their sites if they just spew “content”.  Never mind that the content that they are writing about or the stories they are reporting are of any interest to a target market. Forget the idea of original content.  After mindlessly regurgitating other people’s information, most agents abandon their blogs within 60 days concluding that it was a waste of time and was of little value in terms of generating immediate leads, let alone transactions.

What an awesome tool the blog is for those who have discovered their unique “golden” voice, a voice that is “follow-worthy”!  Blogs offers anyone the opportunity to become a syndicated columnist because followers can subscribe to their “column”, keep up on the latest installments and also engage in discussion with the author and other followers. Plus, it is virtually free!  So, is the help you can get from your silent marketing partner, Google.  Google wants to help create a perfect match between you and your potential audience, your ideal potential clients because they sell more ads when users experience better search results.  

 Right now, there is an abundance of unexploited marketing niches right under your nose, where you can become the undisputed market leader.  But, you will not perceive these untapped “gold mines” if you do not know your own mind. You first need to discover your own golden voice.  

 Follow us on Part 3 of Go for the Gold!  We will cover specifics methods for discovering your unique golden voice.