While most luxury real estate marketing professionals are still reeling from the downturn in the market and working harder than ever just to keep up, some are seeing the enormous opportunity that the new era of the internet has to offer and they are starting to reach for the gold ring.  Yes, there is a gold rush out there. But, what may not be obvious is what the new gold looks like and how to find it.

The new gold is all about identifying an uncontested niche in your marketplace where you can add extraordinary value; then staking your claim to ownership of that new market space. It is about cashing in on who you are, what you are most passionate about and leveraging the new media tools to reach and connect with your ideal clients in a focused manner.

What is the catch?  You need to know who you are, what you stand for, what you are passionate about what you can do better than anyone else in your marketplace.  You need to discover you unique voice. Only then will the new media tools make any sense to you in terms of their potential to tap the gold reserve that awaits you.  The tools are meaningless otherwise.  Only when you become “follow-worthy” will you attract and retain your audience, and also convert that audience into cash flow.

The opportunities for cashing in on your passion have never been more abundant than right now because of the new media tools. Read Part 2 of this series called, Go for the Gold!  for more details about how to discover your unique voice and how to become follow worthy.