World's Largest Gold Bar,250KG Toi Museum, Japan Photo

The gold rush is on for luxury real estate marketing professionals. Be sure to read Part 1 of this series called, Go for the Gold! It is about leveraging the new media tools to tap uncontested market niches. And, also check out Part 2 where we cover the importance of being “follow-worthy” when blogging.

Here, in Part 3 we focus on how to discover your unique golden voice.  Your unique voice distinguishes you from your competition. It attracts followers when you report on the subject about which you are most passionate, i.e., your expertise. When you are consistently “in” your golden voice your unique brand of communicating resonates with your target market and you are more likely to convert your audience into clients or referral sources.

How do you find the unique voice? First, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What could get you fired up about each and every morning that you could report on (for inspiration , go see the movie Julie & Julia) 
  2. What aspect of your marketplace are you passionate about? 
  3. What subject can to be you become known for as an expert that would generate strong interest from those within your marketplace?

It is time to stake your claim to an uncontested market niche and cash in on your passion. Discover your unique voice.   Become a master in the use of the new media tools that allow you to reach your target market easier and faster than ever before,  Sure they are daunting at first. Just get over it! Go for the gold!