This Saturday at the Farmer’s Market, I noticed an ad on the back cover of Edible Santa Barbara, which was that of a burger that suits our exacting standards of what a burger should be.  Here is the description that made me call the winery and ask for the photo, so that we can share it with our luxury minded friends.

This burger is served at one of the local wineries in the Santa Ynez Valley, which is home to outstanding wineries whose pinot noirs have gained kudos statewide and are rivaling the Napa & Alexander Valleys, our former home.  Roblar winery  and cooking school prides itself on sustainably grown estate wines.  To differentiate itself from the usual winery with its tasting bar, they have added a restaurant  serving lunch daily,, dinner every last Wednesday of the month, and a wonderful brunch on Sundays

Here is a description:.

1.  Locally baked toasted bun  

2.  Locally Grown Organic Romaine Lettuce

3.  Locally Grown Organic Heirloom Tomato

4.  Local Grass Fed Ground Sirloin

5.  Estate Grown Organic Onions

This description not only encouraged us to drive to Santa Ynez (45mns) for a burger, but also demonstrated the standard of excellence this company stands for.  We are now looking forward to tasting the wine.

Unlike our previous post on the Burger Wars (Carl’s Junior vs McDonald’s), this $15.95 burger does not factor in competition of other wineries.  It stands alone on its merit.  We found rave reviews for the burger on line, and the marketing manager, Chelsea Pence, told me that people travel long distances to feast on this culinary delight.  We plan to do that soon, and we will keep you posted.