Are you staying in touch with your clients after the sale? Staying in touch does not mean boring them with articles about recent real estate related court cases, or telling them to change the batteries in their smoke alarms. Boring, canned, impersonal e-newsletters just do not cut it anymore with web-savvy clients and friends.

Your communications must be about the things that people value. Moreover, they must be about the things that a particular person values. Consistent, personalized one-on-one communication is an art form that most time-starved luxury real estate marketing professionals have neglected. Yet, if you could quantify the results of personal communication in terms of referrals and listings you would think twice about doing it more often.

Most agents haven’t noticed that once a client moves into his or her new home THE LAST THING they want to communicate about is real estate. In fact, if they do not hear another word about real estate for another five years or more it would be too soon. Sure, they are curious what the house down the street is listed for and what it sold for. They are interested in their own property’s value. But, what they are most interested in is their own lives not the lives of Realtors®.

Whether the subject is golf, tennis, or perhaps a new restaurant with a very special cob salad on the menu, these are the topics that interest people. This is far more interesting than a reminder to clean the leaves out of their rain gutter before the rainy season. Interacting personally, one-on-one, this is the key. Focus more attention on your people’s particular interests and watch your practice soar!

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