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To stand out from the crowd as a luxury real estate marketing professional, just think like Oprah. She is a one woman brand.

A personal brand is a statement of who you are, what your preferences are, what your values are, and what you stand for. It must be specific enough to reflect your core, yet broad enough to stay fluid. Your personal brand should allow you to adapt to the times and also the changes we all experience as we grow, hopefully wiser and kinder.

Your brand must express your authentic self in all situations. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin whether you are having tea with the Queen of England, discussing the ripeness of peaches with the produce person, or negotiating a multimillion dollar deal with a titan of industry. It is like wearing comfortable clothes that fit perfectly and you love how you feel in them.

Your personal brand speaks for you. It tells people exactly who you are every time it is encountered, like a polished presentation. It gives them a lazy way out, because you are doing their mental work for them; the work of figuring out how they should categorize you in their mind.

A personal brand must be consistent in all aspects. If your signal is clear, it will attract people who identify with it, the right people. When your signal resonates with your target market on an emotional level they become passionate about supporting you, because your brand expresses that which is near and dear to them.

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