Building a luxury real estate marketing practice can sometimes involve long hours and a considerable amount of focused mental activity.  As marketing consultants and leadership coaches to the luxury real estate industry we understand the value of taking time to refresh, replenish one’s energy and just enjoy nature.

We were very busy this week putting the finishing touches on our own company website, creating several marketing strategies for clients, and working to finalize other projects. Whenever, we go through an intensive focused period of working, we often treat ourselves (the workers) to something very special. We have to take good care of the “workers” or they will rebel. This morning’s treat was a respite at the East Beach Grill, in Santa Barbara, CA.

With one of the best views in town, it is a tranquil place with a varied menu, reasonable prices and great food. They make wonderful pancakes and serve Peet’s coffee from San Francisco. It is fun to read the Sunday paper, watch the joggers, walkers and bikers, and settle in to enjoy the atmosphere.

You can get a lot more work done, if you give yourself the luxury of time out. For us, it is breakfast out, especially if we work on the weekend,  and a long walk by the beach, which reinvigorates our mind and spirit. When we owned a commercial real estate firm in Los Angeles, one of our favorite ways to take time out was to have lunch at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, see an exhibit, then get back to work. The rest of the day would flow and be more pleasurable.

On Fridays, Ron would play nine holes of golf at the crack of dawn with our sales team, and I would join them in the clubhouse for breakfast. We would all discuss that week’s accomplishments and set the tone for the following week. It is important to take the time to treat yourself luxuriously, enjoy your environment, and do something out of the ordinary.

By Alexandra Seigel, Partner - Napa Consultants, International

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