As long as we interact with people, we are continuously in the process of marketing ourselves to others, presenting ourselves in such a way as to attract what we want. But, are we projecting our authentic self? And, are we being deliberate about crafting our marketing message? These are the questions.

By virtue of our very existence we send out broadcast signals about who we are. Our success in attracting the right people and circumstances depends on the clarity of our signal. This applies to personal relationships as well as business relationships.

Static reduces the fidelity of your message. Eventually, people turn off to you and your message if there is too much static on your lines. Static comes in the form of not knowing who you are, having a mixed message, and pretending to be what you are not.

Here is an example from nature. Orchids come in many varieties and shapes. Each species has a specific flower suited to a particular insect that will fertilize it. The shape attracts the right insect and repels all others who would be useless to that plant’s procreation, but precisely right for another variety.

Marketing yourself has to be the same as the orchid. When your signal is clear it becomes easy to decide who is right for you and also where to spend your productive time and energy. You have to stay true to your signal. You cannot waver, if you want to consistently attract the right referral sources, customers or clients.

When marketing yourself, be deliberate in sending out your signal. Stick to your own true voice, your authentic self. And, thrive!

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