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Here's a luxury real estate "break-away" brand story. In the 80’s in Los Angeles, an independent luxury real estate broker decided to open his own office in the Los Angeles. At that time there was a garbage strike and solutions were not in sight. He decided to divert his ad budget into picking up all the garbage. The local media picked it up. Then CNN and other national TV news joined in. People were jamming his phone lines wanting to switch their listings to his new company. Instant success was his reward through very effective public relations. He had a new reputation and a new brand: The Go-To guy who could get things done, fast! Before that, he was just another real estate agent in a start-up company. This luxury real estate marketing professional made an instant connection with this marketplace, became an overnight success, and soon thereafter sold his company to a larger firm. That is an example of connecting, big-time with your target market and becoming a break-away luxury real estate brand.

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