As a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is important to understand the value of the internet in establishing new relationships.The internet opens a whole world of information and contacts. This explains why the social media phenomenon is growing like wildfire. However, once people sign up for the myriad of social media, the most common question is, “now what?” What do you do with the numerous requests to be linked to people you don’t know or remember? Do you link in because you don’t want to offend? What do you do with all of the other people in your potentially expanded online network who you definitely do not know.

One answer is to look for people or groups who share your passions. Here is an example of how I met a wonderful new friend in Brazil just by following my passion for chocolate from around the world.

Paula de Lima AzevedoSweet Brazil reproduces Faberge eggs at Easter time in chocolate, of course. The detail work is exquisite. I contacted them, for more information. The founder of the company is Paula de Lima Azevedo. Her background was public relations. As a joke 21 years ago, she decided to sculpt Easter eggs at home. The word got out and the demand grew. She rented a small house and went into business. To quote Paula, “I discovered chocolate as a material to express my art. After that, I never stopped!” She hopes to have a store in New York, one day soon. You can purchase her chocolates next time you are in Sao Paolo, Brazil, www.sweetbrazil.com.br . After sharing our common passion for chocolate we became internet friends.

Luxury real estate marketing professionals should follow their passion and interests beyond just real estate when joining a social network. From this focused viewpoint, you can develop relationships that would naturally lead to business. Don’t start asking for business! The bridge of true friendship is the bridge to success. The more high-trust relationships you have the more successful you will be.

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