Luxury real estate marketing professionals can learn much about personal branding from certain celebrities. Take Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

“I rehabilitate dogs, I train people” is the opening line to the National Geographic Channel Show, The Dog Whisperer. Having worked with a wide demographic of people and their dogs, Cesar Millan has become a household word, particularly to dog lovers. He has also been nominated for an Emmy.

What makes him admirable? What makes him watchable? I am not a dog owner. Yet, I tape the show regularly, because I enjoy watching him rehabilitating dog after dog, and changing people’s lives in the process. I appreciate his honesty, his demeanor, and his certainty when faced with the most challenging dog behaviors. I am moved by his tenderness and his genuine love for the people he works with and the dogs he rehabilitates. Friends who have met him and watched him work attest to his authenticity. They tell me that what you see on TV is what you get in person. He loves what he does, and he is proud of his work and his accomplishments. He is God’s gift to dogs. When we heard he was going to be the grand marshal for the Santa Barbara Dog Parade, we went and took pictures.

The lesson here for luxury real estate marketing professionals is, BE AUTHENTIC! Everyone in the course of their lives garners critics, because those individuals are not on the same wave length. You can expect it. The best thing to do is to ignore it, and let it roll off your back, like a duck in water. Better yet, pick up the book by Terry Cole Whittaker, What You Think of Me is None of MY Business .

By Alexandra Seigel, Partner – Napa Consultants, International

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