Photo by Dennis Makarenko

When developing your personal brand, one of the first things to identify is what sets you apart from everyone else in the same business. Everyone has an opportunity to stand out or blend in. Anyone who is a success in any endeavor is stands out.

The music business has many talented people working in it in every genre: pop, classical, rock and roll, etc.. Studio musicians, although given credit on albums, are not necessarily household names to listeners, even though they may be as talented as or more talented than the star of the album. What sets the stars apart is:

  • · They are daring
  • · They draw attention, love to interact with their audiences
  • · They have opinions They take a stand and dress outrageously
  • · They are worth paying attention to

You know their names: Madonna, Sting, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Beonce, Prince and Cher. These superstars have all created outstanding personal brands.

They market themselves boldly and openly. They make sure to stand out and promote themselves as different from the pack. They don’t follow the trends, they create the trends. People follow them! They consistently deliver to their audience. They clearly communicate their essence and their value. And, so can you!

As a luxury real estate professional, what makes you different? How can you capitalize on that? How can you market that? What sets you apart?

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