If you know how you differ from the pack, then it is time to build your brand. A brand is multifaceted, it has a personality, it has core values, and it stands out by not being afraid to stand for something that it considers important. One of the ways to build a brand is to declare what you stand for. What do you care about? What are the values your clients can align to, identify with?

Here is an example. As we drove past Nordstrom’s this week, we noticed a sign declaring that they believe in celebrating one holiday at a time. They wished their customers a “Happy Thanksgiving!”, and stated that the Christmas décor would be seen in the store on the 28th of November. In that simple message came the declaration that they differ from the rest of the retailers who are eager to jump start the holiday season. We appreciate their restraint, because we too enjoy savoring the holidays one at a time. This is congruent with Nordstrom’s brand of making shopping a wonderful experience.

Here is Rule #1 from the original Nordstrom handbook: Use good judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.

What can you declare? What do you stand for?

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