While attending the National Association of Realtors conference in Orlando Florida, we tried a new restaurant for dinner. The waitress told us with great pride that Oceanaire Seafood Restaurant is a small gourmet boutique restaurant chain. They do not advertise. Instead, they spend their money flying in the freshest fish possible. What is served for dinner was caught no more than 24 hours prior. The fish is refrigerated, but never placed on ice. They use Federal Express to insure overnight delivery in special coolers. Any fish caught in the 200 mile range of the restaurant is delivered and served that day. They also have their own crab boat in Alaska, and lobster boats in Maine to control the quality of these crustaceans.

In a few minutes, the waitress expressed the brand clearly and succinctly. We knew exactly what we were in for. It precisely met our needs and person preferences, as we are quite fond of very fresh seafood. It reminded us of a beachfront restaurant in Portofino, Italy where the fishermen bring in the catch and it is grilled within minutes of leaving the boat.

We ordered a fish that was new to us which was Carolina Grouper. It was absolutely delicious! On our way out we decided to come back the next evening and bring another couple. The second evening was equally perfect

We have told everyone who will listen about this restaurant and now are writing about it. This spontaneous, enthusiastic support of the Oceanaire Seafood brand comes naturally because it feels good to share great finds with friends. Word-of-mouth promotion is better than any advertisement, and it costs the company nothing.

This illustrates the power of a brand. Know who you are and tell your clients in such a way that it makes it easy from them to promote you. Then, live up to your brand.

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