We spent last weekend at the National Association of Realtors conference in Orlando, Florida. As we wandered through the exhibitor’s hall, checking out all the various booths, we were impressed by the Eco Hatchery exhibit. Given that one of the top trends in the luxury market is the Green Factor, Eco Hatchery has developed a clever starter kit that introduces people to the fundamentals of Green Living. The Eco Starter Kit includes the tools needed to conserve energy, save money, and shrink your carbon footprint for good. The kit contains:

  • Energy Monitor to identify appliance hogs
  • Eco Lighting Replacement Tool
  • Home Tap Water Quality Test & Conservation Tools
  • Reusable Filtered-Water Bottle
  • Home Insulation Products
  • Reusable Shopping Bag
  • Eco-friendly Soy Candle
  • A-Z Recycling Resources Directory
  • Recycled Coffee Filters
  • Online Eco Roadmap with personalized recommendations for ongoing savings
  • Etc..

The Eco Starter Kit might just be the perfect Holiday gift for your eco-conscious clients or friends. For further information, visit www.ecohatchery.com.

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