If you discover that you are losing momentum in your luxury real estate marketing practice, do not panic! Don't get derailed. Just re-invent yourself and change tracks.

Look around for new opportunities. You may discover that you need to make some fundamental changes in your normal operating procedures in order to take advantage of new opportunities, gain traction and build a new head of steam.

Here are three areas to consider to get yourself on track :


One example of retooling is developing a better website that captures buyer leads more effectively


You may need to learn additional skills or acquire additional specialized knowledge to work with clients that heretofore you have not worked with, such as investors, or second home buyers. Then, reposition yourself as a specialist in a new niche.


You may need to temporarily focus more on buyer vs. specializing in listing properties that languish on the market.

Once you have retooled, repositioned (yourself or your company) and reformulated the focus of your practice you then need to PROMOTE like crazy! Promotion begets new momentum of productivity.

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