As a luxury real estate marketing professional you should understand the difference between push and pull strategies. The perfume industry often relies on pushing their product by spraying approaching customers and insisting that they smell the new fragrances. Magazine ads soaked in fragrances can be annoying, especially if you are allergic to perfume. This is another example of a push marketing strategy.

When a customer asks for an item, he or she is pulling that item towards themselves. It is a subtler form of marketing, and one that works well with luxury marketing. The concept of scarcity, limited production and exclusivity becomes the pull strategy. Marketing the perfume essence in a limited edition crystal bottle signed by Lalique or Baccarat makes it a pull strategy.

In marketing yourself in the luxury real estate arena, it is important that your strategy has a pull nature. Bragging about your accomplishments is definitely a push strategy and a turn off.

One of the best ways to create pull is to be involved in your community and responding to its needs. Two of our lender clients regularly sponsor educational projects for the kids in their community in honor of their wives who were formerly teachers. They believe in education, and they spend part of their marketing dollars to further their community. People needing loans are drawn or pulled towards them, and regularly refer them. When considering a sponsorship as a pull strategy, it is important that you are aligned to the cause and it is something you believe in.

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