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The Power of Creating Your Own Personal Brand

By Ron & Alexandra Seigel , Partners- Napa Consultants, International

A Personal Brand is a means to instantly let people know what you stand for, what is important to you, what value you have to offer in a business context, and also how you are distinct from your competition. It describes the total experience of having a relationship with you. Essentially, a personal brand is a shortcut to establish trust in a business relationship, the kind of trust that only happens when two people believe there is a direct connection between their value systems.

People like to do business with people like themselves or the type of people they would like to become. Why? Because it feels good to connect with people with whom we “click” or resonate, those individuals who are on our wavelength. We naturally gravitate to and trust those who can produce an emotional impact that echoes our own core values and aspirations.

We all live in an over-advertised world where we are exposed to thousands of messages each day. A Personal Brand can break through the clutter and differentiate YOU in a crowded market. As Tom Peters says, “Be Distinct or Be Extinct !” The easier you make it for people to grasp your core identity and the personal benefit they will derive from doing business with you, the faster you can establish new relationships and increase business.

Creating a Personal Brand accelerates business development because it quickens the process of building trust and helps you focus your time and energy exclusively on customers or clients for whom you are a match. It also sparks off a chain reaction of the most powerful form of marketing, word-of-mouth, which reduces the cost of traditional advertising.