We cannot emphasize enough the importance of stating what you do clearly and concisely in your brand as well as in your profile.  If you keep people guessing, chances are they will not remember you, or refer you. Here is an example of a brand that had us puzzled and guessing as to what their product or service is.  

Driving on Highway 101 North heading to Santa Barbara, we were behind this truck.  Naturally we started wondering what PSAV stood for.  The logo did not give us a clue either. Ron came up with Audio Visual for the AV part.  

What did the PS stand for.  Traditionally PS stands for Post Script meaning written after,   If that was the intent, then it should have been AVPS.  We changed lanes to see if there was a slogan or more information on the side of the truck.   

What we saw is a larger version of the logo, and the URL.  Ron decided that perhaps they specialize in the movie industry by leasing Audio Visual equipment to studios!  And I said, why not inform all of us as there are many residents in our area that are involved in the California movie industry!

At home, we checked out their site, and here is what they do



Connecting and inspiring people

Every event is unique, which is why we customize every solution to give your audience an unforgettable experience.


They are event planners and difficult was it to communicate that, and create a logo that was memorable? 

Don't keep people guessing at to what your brand stands for and what you do.  It is a sure way to annoy them and not refer you!1