In marketing speak, there are five moments of truth that a potential client experiences when doing business with you.  If you satisfy their needs at these crucial moments in the cycle of customer acquisition, you will have a client for life.

#1 Before They Meet You/Self Service Mode

Whether they hear about you from someone they know, see a sign on a home, they find you on a search engine, on a blog post, your website or an ad in print or on line, a video, they will experience a sense of relief.  This is someone who may be the right person to help me, to answer my needs.  Your website is your silent salesperson as real estate professional regardless what your chosen niche is in the real estate field.

If your website appears at first glance to be the most authoritative site in your marketplace, if it has the best graphic interface, and is also the best  organized and easiest to navigate, you have a very good shot at  keeping them coming back to do their research.  While they are in this “self-service” mode, before they meet you, they are still operating from a favorable, lasting first impression that occurred in the first moment of truth.

#2 First Meeting

The second moment of truth happens when they actually encounter you in person, by phone or email, etc..  They are either satisfied or dissatisfied with their initial encounter with you.  They answer the question, "should they  proceed to buy or list with your assistance?".  If they answer, "yes",  they are convinced that they have found the right agent, that you will produce their desired result. 

When potential clients are referred, they are already predisposed to liking and trusting you.  They have already experence the first "moment of truth".  Now it is you turn to make an indelibleimpression.  Think of it as your elevator speech: Do you stand out or are you forgettable.  Are you instantly perceived as an expert?  

#3:When You Deliver Your Services

Meeting expections in the process of selling or acquiring a home is like being on stage and delivering a flawless performance of a real estate transacting.  Every step of the home buying or selling process is an opportunity to shine like a top notch performer.

The third moment of truth occurs when your initial transaction is complete and they are satisfied that you have delivered on your promise of value. Here you have met or exceeded their expectations, or you have disappointed them.  If the latter is true, the cycle of customer acquisition ends right here.

#4: When They Refer You

The fourth moment of truth occurs when they refer a friend to you.  This further affirms their satisfaction.  This is an opportunity to create another source of referrals for your business.  Take excellent care of their friend, and this friend will send you their friends.  Word of Mouth marketing still reigns as the best form of marketing.

#5: When You Have Their Repeat Business

The fifth moment of truth occurs when your clients are ready to buy or sell again and they call you instead of switching brands which means calling your competition.

True market leaders have mastered all five of these moment of truth.