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We enjoyed the creativity of this print ad in one of the current issues of Architectural Digest promoting their artist editions of sinks by Kohler.  And we appreciated the dramatic setting, the beauty of the model-and her costume.  A touch of a dramatic flair done right makes this ad memorable!

The sink is made of white porcelain and covered with a special glazing method which was inspired by master potters.  We have included a link, so that you can see it up close on the Kohler site.

We are firm believers that great real estate home photos should have a dramatic flair to attract potential buyers.  For instance, one of our clients here in Santa Barbara, started the photos of the home on his site of his recent listing with a picture of the outdoor patio— the fire pit lit, overlooking the ocean at sunset.  

That was the very picture the buyers fell in love with, and subsequently purchased the home!  They saw themselves sitting there with a glass of wine! That memorable touch of drama turned into the sale of this home!