We have always been proponent of “listening presentations” versus listing presentations.  Mindfully listening can make the difference in whether or not you get the listing.

Perhaps given the natural disasters we have endured in our area, we have noticed in our community how much it means for someone to be listened to. Listening mindfully to someone’s woes or happiness is a thoughtful gift you can give someone.  Both of us feel that this gift can be instrumental in turning someone’s life around.

Yesterday, one of our neighbors came up to us as we were leaving to just talk, and mostly to have us listen to her.   She related how 10 people/friends from her church died in the recent mudslides, and how she had driven through one of Montecito areas that had been completely devastated.  She was in tears.  We listened until she smiled.

Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at Trader Joe’s.  One of the employees told us she was so glad we were alive.  She had asked other employees if they had seen us in the store!  We stood there and listened to her story. The same need to tell the story has been repeated over and over again at restaurants we frequent, even as far as the wine country, which was not impacted by the mudslides.  They all had a story to tell, and we continue to listen mindfully.

Although the news vans are gone, the clean up continues.  Mercifully, we think they are done in our area, although a bulldozer is still parked at the entrance to the creek behind our home, where it was used to clean the 6inch mud accumulation.  The stories will continue to be told.

Mindfully listening to someone woes or good news has the benefit of making you feel good also.  It is easy to do, and you will also find that others will start listening to you mindfully instead of interrupting you, fidgeting or sneaking glances at their smart phone. Is there anybody going to listen to your story?