In a time-pressed world, time becomes the ultimate luxury. Consumers will pay a premium if you can save them time and the aggravation of wasted time.  As a luxury real estate marketing professional, think about how you can save your clients time and aggravation every step of the way.

This is one of the reasons Amazon is a huge success.  They patented the one-click check out. We were in a new Grocery store yesterday and they have a large section dedicated to convenience meal kits that you can put together in no time. And saving time is a priority for all of us.  Time has become the ultimate luxury.

Last week, we were shopping for a new car.  We noticed a sign in the show room stating that belonging to a specific airlines mileage club would give us an additional discount.  All we had to do is log in to our account, go to the section on benefits, and proceed from there to find out what the discount would be.  The salesperson would then apply the discount to the price of the car.

Although we are frequent fliers on this airline, both of us dislike accessing the site, because of the time it takes (and caching the passwords does not work).  When we buy tickets, we do not sign in to our accounts. We wait until we get to the airport to add our mileage number.

We have been on the phone with their online support many, many times. They have always been courteous and pleasant to work with, and admit that their site is hard to work with.  This was a daunting task, but we were going to do it.  It took both of us working together 30 minutes to get the number that our salesperson needed, and 5 more minutes to print 6 pages.  

When we design websites for our clients, we keep the consumer/user experience in mind, because saving time is a priority for all of us. Saving time applies to the user experience on your website from their first encounter with you. And, it applies to every other encounter they have with you or your team. Here are few items to consider when you perform your Time-saving Audit:  

1.     Does your website navigation save the user time in finding exactly what they came for? 

2.     The simple act of listening to your client’s specific needs and only showing them the properties that match those needs saves them time.  Do you preview the homes you show them to your clients?

3.     If you are the listing broker, do you prepare detailed home-showing instructions for cooperating brokers so that they do not waste their clients’ time?  Their clients may be the perfect buyer for your listings. 

This will get you started with your Time-saving Audit. Your high net worth clients will certainly appreciate you for doing these things because time is the ultimate luxury.  But, just as important as it is to save your client’s time, you should also be including, in your audit, all of the ways you can save yourself time.  Value their time and value yours as well.  A time saving audit will add more dollars to your bottom line..