One of the biggest marketing challenges that luxury real estate professionals face is identifying, articulating and distilling their Extraordinary Promise of Value. This is the message that sharply differentiates you from your competition.  

In our case study of the Santa Barbara acupuncturist, who simply calls himself Vishāl, we discovered something truly unique that sets him apart in his field.  Leveraging his medical knowledge and training, Vishāl has pioneered the system of utilizing Therapeutic Yoga & Massage both as a diagnostic technique and also as a highly effective alternative to traditional physical therapy.  

There is no other acupuncturist in Santa Barbara who is also a yoga master and employs yoga therapeutically in a wellness program. We amplified his uniqueness by including photos of Vishāl in advanced yoga postures on his website. Many patients have experienced rapid recovery times from illnesses or injuries with this comprehensive, integrated approach. (See the testimonials)

Additionally, Vishāl offers Personalized Wellness Programs either as your licensed, primary health care provider or as a complementary service to your current health care providers. The choice is yours! That is also unique in Santa Barbara.

When we work with luxury real estate professionals and companies we always travel to their town to get a thorough understanding of their marketplace and also get to know them up close and personal.  In the case of Vishāl we decided to experience, first hand, his expertise as an acupuncturist, an herbalist and also his extraordinary value proposition of employing therapeutic yoga and massage in this practice. (That is Ron in the photo below).

From our perspective, Vishāl exemplifies the active life that we also enjoy. He has an astonishing balance of superb physical fitness, centeredness, equanimity, composure, and also a great sense of humor, which we truly appreciate. His presence alone has allowed us to attune to a new, heightened sense of wellness and a zest for living.

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