"Regain Your Balance, Strength & Youthful Flexibility...
                         Enjoy An Active Life!" - VISHĀL

In Part 2 of this Article series, a case study in “distilling the marketing message”, we will elaborate on the importance of knowing your target market. Your marketing message needs to speak succinctly to the specific needs of your ideal clients.


Vishāl is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Massage Therapist.  As a yoga practitioner, an avid cyclist, surfer, tennis player, dancer, and acrobat he realized early on that an active lifestyle was a top priority for him.

Active people are accustomed to feeling lively, energetic, vigorous and full of life. They strive to thrive, to maintain their vitality, to prosper; they expect to enjoy a long life. 


Vishāl understands that it is particularly frustrating for people on the go when they are slowed down, sidelined or otherwise impeded by pain or other medical conditions that diminish the quality of their lives.  He also understands that by developing and sustaining a balance between work and play one can create the foundation for a long and happy life. For this reason Vishāl dedicated his career to empowering his patients and students to cultivate their own version of wellness so that they can enjoy an active and fulfilling life.

To be even more precise, we defined Vishāl’s target market as active people who would appreciate a PERSONALIZED wellness program that was designed expressly for “me”. Thus, our primary marketing message was distilled to this:

Combining Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine with Therapeutic Yoga & Massage Vishāl Offers Personalized Wellness Programs for ACTIVE PEOPLE Like You.

In Part 3 of this article series, we will demonstrate the most important aspect of distilling the marketing message: Amplifying the Extraordinary Promise of Value.  See if you can guess how we did this by visiting Vishāl’s website:  

Visit:  VishalWellness.com