Throughout our career as luxury real of real estate brand strategists we have encountered the misconception that luxury is only about the lifestyle of the rich and famous. But, that is just what gets the most press.  It is the simple luxuries, the small indulgences that represent the heart of luxury.

Memorial Day Weekend was the official start of BBQ season for most of the country.  However, here in Santa Barbara, California we are fortunate to able to BBQ practically all year long. Ours has a 13.5-inch grill that is perfect for 2 people when we also grill locally sourced organic vegetables, which we do frequently. Or, for 4 people when we just cook the main course.

Recently, we picked up some absolutely fabulous fresh swordfish at our local seafood store, Kanaloa, that was caught right off our coastline the same morning we grilled it for dinner. We were told that to enjoy the rich flavor of this firm pink fish to the max we ought to thoroughly clean our grill first so that the fish does not stick to the grill or taste like other previously grilled foods.

So, we brought it into the kitchen and proceeded to make a complete mess of the sink, the scrubbing sponge and our $10 kitchen gloves.  There had to be a better way for future BBQs meals!

The “light bulb” went off when we discovered that a new replacement grill only costs $10. So, it is scour-no-more for us. We went out and bought 3 of them and that should last us until next Memorial Day Weekend.

Spending $10 on a new grill is a small indulgence that saves us time and hassle. It is one of the simple luxuries in our life. 

What are some of the simple luxuries in your life?  What small indulgence can you partake in today that will make your life more luxurious?