Sustainable and earth friendly luxury has been one of the primary items of focus for the luxury industry for several years now.  Many luxury companies like Kering (an aggregate of luxury brands) have had sustainability targets as part of their business plans since 2012.

In honor of WorldEarth Day 2017,  Ferragamo, one of Italy's premier luxury leather goods and high fashion brands has teamed up with Orange Fiber to create a line of clothing made from sustainable materials.  Orange fiber is the brainchild of two ladies from Catania, Sicily who observed that Italy was throwing out over 700,000 tons of peel from squeezed citrus fruits.

Adriana Santanocito and Enrica Arena teamed up with the Polytechnic University of Milan to create a fiber made from the cellulose of the orange peel. They perfected and patented a high quality fiber.  It has been described as resembling "twill with a silky feel"

The Ferragamo orange collection of shirts, dresses, trousers and scarves was designed by architect Mario Trimarchi.  You can view it on line using this link.  And depending on your geographical location, you may be able to see it in person at your nearest Ferragamo store.