What makes a brand attractive? There are many reasons we make choices.  Here is an example of how we were attracted to a restaurant, based on our love of Italy.  It was the association with a fond memory that influenced our choice.

Two weeks ago we were in Westport, Connecticut, looking for a place to dine.  We consulted the local dining recommendations and were drawn to this little Italian trattoria.  We were attracted to the name "Finalmente", which means finally, or at last we have the result!" 

Seeing the name reminded us of dining in an out of the way restaurant in Sienna, Italy, that was recommended by an Italian friend.  The restaurant staff was very friendly and loved that we were doing our best to converse with them in Italian.

Our delightful server taught us the word "Finalmente!"  It is an expression to emphasize having reached perfection in food, wine and pleasurable moments in life.  It started with the Chianti he recommended and ended with the ricotta pear tart at the end.

The Connecticut version was delightful, and because it was Tuesday all wines were soldat a 20%, discount.  We would venture back if we find ourselves in Westport again. 

What makes a Brand Attractive for you?