Ever wonder why your competitor was given a listing you would have loved to have.  Why did the seller choose them over you?  If you want to know the answer, a good place to start is to observe your own buying habits.  What makes you buy one product over another?  Here is an example:

When we were in Oregon, we were asked to select a wine at the local Albertson’s.  Our friends selected an Oregon Cabernet Sauvignon, and as we looked over the wine section, at the California selection.  This California wine stood out from the usual choices.  Here are the reasons we bought.

1.    The winemaker, Marc Mondavi, comes from a great winemaking family.  His uncle, Robert Mondavi, put the Napa Valley on the global wine map.  This heritage gave this bottle credibility and trust. 

We also knew that unlike some Napa and Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignons, this would not be a fruit forward wine what is known as a “fruit bomb”.  The Mondavi family is known for their Bordeaux style cabs.

2.    The region where the wine is grown, the Alexander Valley, has the ideal hot weather that Cabernet Sauvignon grapes love.

These two factors influenced our 2 minute decision to buy the wine.  We were delighted that we all liked the wine and it exceeded our expectations.  We took a picture of the label to remember it by.

At home, we did further research and expanded our understanding by taking an additional look at the label. Two more factors supported our initial decision for buying this wine.

3.    The red trademark, EX AQUA VINUM, Latin for from water comes wine. We liked the description, “Winemaker and Water Witch Extraordinaire.

4.    The brand story is compelling, winemaker and water witch extraordinaire.  We liked the illustration of the divining rods of a water witch.  Unlike geologists who charge thousand of dollars to dig for water, Marc Mondavi is often hired to use his rods and find water in vineyards for $500. He has built a stellar reputation in both California and Oregon vineyards, and his success rate is 95%.

Analyze your own buying habits, and the decisions and reasons you buy.  You may uncover some interesting factors that will improve your presentation and packaging.  What makes you buy?