When working with our clients on their brand strategy, one of the most important parts of our project is to get their messaging right.  We identify the personality and lifestyle of the people they are trying to reach, and then we craft the message in the “language” and even the “dialect” of their target market.  In order to do that, we delve into the community’s lifestyle, habits and mindset (also known as psycho-graphics). 

A few Saturdays ago at the Farmers Market in Santa Barbara, we noticed a videographer following two men.  One of the men was dressed in a chef’s coat, and the other was playing the role of interviewer and promoter.  The interviewer began by introducing the chef in glowing terms, to the farmer, and proceeded to ask the farmer’s name.  He continued on explaining that the chef would be buying at their stand, and how lucky the farmer is to have Mr. Illustrious Chef (most likely from out of town) buying from them. 

It was funny to see the lukewarm reaction of the farmers.  One of the farmers noticed us waiting (impatiently and thoroughly unimpressed) to buy, walked away from the camera and helped us. The trio moved on and out of the market.

Had they done their homework, they would have known that the majority of the chefs in town already buy direct from the Farmer’s Market. Farm-to-table here in Santa Barbara is the norm. Shopping chefs is a common occurrence given that we have 6 local Farmer’s Market each week. They would have realized that their intended message did not fit the profile of those who sell at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market, nor our community.  

Make sure that whatever message you craft is going to be well received and understood.  If you miss the mark, you can count on the question: “are you talking to me?”

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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