Successful Marketing is a long-term strategy that inspires your target market to become raving fans and loyal referral sources.  Flash in the Pan Marketing is a short-term strategy that fails to deliver anything of value, despite a showy beginning. It ultimately disappoints because it lacks continuity. It will be remembered for “5 minutes” and not help you sustain top-of-mind status.  

A successful marketing strategy evolves from knowing that your core values are a match to the values of your ideal clients. Here is an example of a successful marketing strategy, based on the principle of continuity that has created a continuous flow of referrals from loyal clients in a metropolitan area.

At a talk we gave on Successful Marketing, we met a real estate agent mom with two young children.  In analyzing her customer base of buyers and sellers, she noticed that her marketplace was composed of families like hers.  They could easily relate to her and she to them.

She had a passion for the arts and was a docent (volunteer guide) at the local art museum.  When the museum launched a monthly children’s arts program, she invited all her sphere of influence and their friends to join her for the half-day program and bring their children.  Given her docent status, the admission fee was waived for all. 

This win-win strategy was a resounding success with the children. Many of the parents became members of the museum.  Regular monthly visits kept this agent visible, which resulted in a continuous flow of referrals.

Marketing based on the premise that people like doing business with people like themselves, is successful marketing.  When you know who you are, and know your target market well, marketing can become easy and fun.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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