The Tony Award winner for Best Musical in 2013, Kinky Boots, was based on a terrific 2005 film by the same name. The film, which we highly recommend, was based on a triumphant true story of niche marketing.

A three generation-old, struggling British family business, selling finely crafted men’s dress shoes, ran into financial trouble because cheaper shoes were flooding the market from foreign manufacturers.  To reverse this trend of commoditization, Charlie, the young, strait-laced owner forms an unlikely partnership with Lola, a drag queen, to save the business. The plan was to totally retool the factory to produce custom footwear for drag queens.  In the process of turning around the business together, the two men discover that they are not all that different, based on their character and core values.

The moral of the story is this:  When you are faced with commoditization in your business, and your competition is blurring what makes you distinct, it may be time to switch your niche!

Stop spinning your wheels in your current niche. Stop introverting and finding fault with yourself.  There is nothing wrong with YOU. Market conditions are always changing. Instead, pick yourself up by your bootstraps, and find an underserved or uncontested niche that you can dominate.

Think Outside of the Shoe Box: Switch Your Niche!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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