There is a distinct difference between marketing and selling.  Selling is short-term thinking. Marketing is building a business to last.

An example of selling is the guy on the street who hawks cheap umbrellas to those who forgot theirs that morning. His business depends on the forgetful and on the weather. When the sale is complete, he does not have a long-term customer nor does he have a referral source to capitalize on.

Marketing means standing out in a sea of sameness by distinguishing yourself though the way you do business.  It is based on a plan that includes creating a loyal customer base. When you are thinking long-term, you are able to focus more on your clients than on your immediate personal need to close a quick deal.  Marketing comes from a mindset of self-confidence, rather than being driven by fear and insecurity.

Jan’s ski store in Deer Valley, Utah, is the only place we buy ski equipment. When the resort first opened, we came in with ill-fitting ski boots that we bought in Los Angeles.  They went out of their way to make our boots comfortable without charging us.  They also invited us to try their demo skis without charge.  This was long range thinking and marketing at its best.

At the end of that ski season, we bought new boots and skis, and have remained loyal customers ever since. Recently at Jan’s, we noticed that a customer sitting next to us, who was being fitted for boots, needed to take an important phone call.  His fitter took off the boots and handed him a plush pair of slippers to wear, so that he could take the call in private.  The guy was dumbfounded and said, “Why are you are giving me slippers to wear?” The fitter responded, “Because, that is Jan’s way!”

Marketing is demonstrating your long-range thinking, which should be your distinctive brand of doing business, if you want to stand out from your competition.  Stop selling umbrellas and waiting for it to rain!  Instead, start marketing and become a rainmaker!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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