A great brand name for luxury real estate marketing, or any business endeavor, is one that is simple, memorable and ideally, instantly communicates its extraordinary promise of value. If your brand name is remarkable it will spark buzz, facilitates word-of-mouth advertising and sharply differentiate YOU from your competition.

In the crowded field of wines, wine brands have just a nano-second to capture your attention as you peruse the shelves and displays. If they do not capture your attention, the likelihood of your trying something new is somewhere between slim and none. Here is an example of  a wine brand that instantly grabbed our attention because of its cleverness and simplicity.

JaM (named for owners John and Michele) Cellars has just 3 offerings. They are all about “Easy to love everyday wines”, which is their value proposition distilled into only 5 words.   They named their Cabernet Sauvignon, JaMdark berries and plum flavors”, the Chardonnay- Butterlovely lingering finish” and Toast for their sparkling wine, “aromas of honeydew, white peach, and orange blossom."

There is no guesswork when it comes to picking out these wines.  The brand instantly tells you its identity, and it differentiates it from the pack!  Does your brand name sharply differentiate YOU?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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