Several of our luxury real estate clients are natural athletes. Their strategies to get more listings involve sports. One of them was a ski instructor, and it was an ideal way to meet new people. Many of the students had season passes, which often meant they already had a second home in the area. It was not usual for them to want to up-size as their families grew. This was also an opportunity to sell them the larger home. This client now has an annual ski event to which all clients are invited.

Another client is involved in competitive skiing events such as slalom and mogul races. This individual also participates in bicycle races that are part of the lifestyle in their community.

Playing tennis and belonging to the tennis club in the community where our client is the market leader is an effective strategy. The membership dues are negligible, because the return on investment is substantial.   Another one of our clients surfs, and enters bicycle races.

One does it all and does it all well. This client’s athletic abilities are legendary.  Golf, surfing, paddle boarding, triathlons, and yoga are on the daily to do list.

Sports are a great way to meet people, connect and have a common interest. If you are a good sportsman or sportswoman you can really develop your "list to last" practice, and have a great time.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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