When you make claims relating to your expertise or your results in terms of your real estate marketing prowess, be sure you adhere to the “truth in advertising laws,” as set by the Federal Trade Commission. Consumers are getting more and more skeptical of real estate anecdotes-scanty evidence that is questionable.

Anecdotal Marketing is claiming that results based on what one person did, (sold in one day) could work for others. How do you feel when you see an ad claiming that you can lose 10lbs in one week? Or, how do you feel when you read claims by a lead generating firm that by following their system you can get 17 leads per day, like one of their clients achieved? This is known as “cherry-picking” evidence.

Those who adhere to the laws of truth in advertising will add a disclaimer that “these results are not typical or the norm”. Usually this is in fine print.

Think of your website as an advertising media about YOU. If you claim to be a expert in marketing land, for example, having ample proof of your results in the form of your sold portfolio on your website will give you added credibility and truth in advertising.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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