We have over 200 endorsements on Linked In, which we have not accepted.  We have had at least that many like requests on Facebook, which we have ignored. And, recently were asked by a real estate agent to recommend him, which we declined.  The common thread in all these endorsements, “likes” and recommendations is that there are credibility issues.

The endorsements on Linked-In are from people whom we have never met or with whom we have not done business.  We do not understand how they can recommend our services without really knowing about them. The endorsers expect us to recommend them as well under the same cirmcumstances.

The like requests on Facebook are equally puzzling.  The majority of the requests are from folks with whom we may be connected, but with whom we do not have a personal relationship. On the rare occasions we have liked a business on Facebook, the powers that be have inundated us with ads there.

The real estate agent who asked us for a recommendation is someone we have never met. Do we tell our actual friends to use this agent just because he is in our social media network? 

To paraphrase Geraldine Jones (pictured above), a character created by comedian Flip Wilson, “Don’t [touch me] endorse us, honey you don’t know us that well!”  And, we know the devil did not make you do it! 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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