Is there a luxury real estate marketing team in your marketplace that is just “knocking it out of the ball park”? Are you “green with envy” or are you inspired by them to excel in you own practice?

Envy can be a strong motivational force that can either spur you on to greatness or hold you right in place. There is nothing wrong with feeling jealousy or envy, providing that you do not hold on to those feelings too long. Instead, just move on as quickly as possible. Make a rapid transition from being motivated by envy to being inspired by your competition.

One symptom that you are holding on too long to envy is attempting to copy your competitor’ moves. If you are a basketball fan you may have noticed that more and more players are attempting to copy Stephen Curry’s (Golden State Warriors) remarkable three-point shots from well behind the three-point line.

The real secret to the success of GSW, including Stephen’s personal achievements, is the team’s esprit de corps. GSW ended the 2015-2016 regular season with the best record in the history of basketball. Having fun and getting all players engaged takes a higher priority than individual accomplishment. It is from that ground of being that Stephen has soared.

Those players who attempt to copy Stephen wind up playing “hero ball”. Fixated on getting admiration from others, which they think is the prize, these heroes try to take their entire team on their shoulders to save the day.

The funny thing about GSW is that their team spirit is inimitable! If you are able to duplicate it, you make it your own in your own way. This is different from copying the moves of other teams.

The only other team that has this philosophy in the NBA is the San Antonio Spurs. It is very likely that the Western Conference will be a battle between the Warriors and Spurs. You may prefer one to the other. But, true basketball fans will be thoroughly entertained and richly rewarded simply by watching basketball played at its highest level in that playoff series.

There is no scarcity of admiration for these two teams or their individual players. They have both transcended the need to fan the flames of hero worship. The respect for each other is high because each of the members of these teams know the secret that esprit de corps is more important than playing hero ball.

Remember; if you find yourself feeling green with envy in your luxury real estate marketing practice, quickly make the transition from being jealous of your competitors and worrying that they are getting too much admiration, to being inspired by them.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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