Creating and cultivating high-trust, long-term friendships in business and in your personal life is the name of the game for luxury real estate marketing. The more you make, the more you make-money that is! 

The ability to create and maintain long-term, high-trust relationships is also the key to LONGEVITY in this profession. The best luxury real estate marketing professionals know the secret of longevity.  

With a long-range perspective they are able to transcend the notion of seeing their contacts as merely a means to an end, i.e., referrals. Instead, they treat people as ends unto themselves, confident that only wonderful things can spring forth from such relationships. They take a genuine interest in other people’s lives.

When you honestly care about the well being of others, others spontaneously want to see you thrive. That is the secret to longevity in real estate.

Recently, we reconnected with a close childhood friend of Ron’s after not being in touch for over 20 years. With a solid base of trust that was built over time it was as if no time had elapsed between visits; we just picked up where we last left off.

For fun we took a drive through the neighborhood where they grew up and recognized a pomegranate tree that was still thriving and bearing fruit a half-century later. Seeing this tree (photo below), ten times its original size, was a magical moment that created a touchstone for our relationship that is flourishing once again. The CONTINUITY of trust between us is simply extraordinary!

The Chinese and Japanese cultures reflect the value of continuity and longevity through the art of bonsai. Ron had the privilege of studying bonsai with John Naka, the #1 bonsai master in the United State at the time. The Bonsai Pavilion at the National Arboretum in Washington DC is named after Mr. Naka.

Alexandra spotted the pomegranate tree (depicted at the top) as a “baby” in a tree nursery in Los Angeles over 30 years ago. Ron brought it to class and shaped it, with John’s help, into the windswept style it is today.

Pomegranates are steeped in history and symbolism for many cultures around the world, particularly in the Mediterranean countries where they are plentiful. Typically they represent fruitfulness, abundance, knowledge, learning and wisdom.

High-trust, long-term relationships are the keys to continuity and longevity in the luxury real estate marketing game. Treat people with genuine care and interest, as ends unto themselves, and you will thrive.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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